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Unirea Simeria Credit Union, throughout its more than 60 years of history, has had many names, its initial one being Credit Union of National Railways’ Works. During that period, the credit union was operating within the works.

In December 1st2004 the credit union merged with the credit union of employees from Simeria Rail Depot, taking its actual name. Since April 1st2013, when it merged with Simeria town’s credit union, Unirea Simeria has been the strongest and most competitive non-banking financial institution in Simeria.

The main headquarters of Unirea Simeria Credit Union is located in Simeria, and is a modern and welcoming office, having top IT and surveillance systems. Besides its headquarters, CAR Unirea Simeria has three agencies, two of them being in Timis county, in the villages of Giarmata and Ortisoara.

The personnel is professionally well prepared, having graduated higher education in economics and legal fields, as well as perfecting courses organized by Romanian Banking Institute and the Body of Licensed Accountants and Expert  Accountants in Romania.

They offer financial advice to members, helping them find the most well suited solution for their needs and solve rapidly members’ demands. Alongside, a group of support made by volunteers promotes credit union’s services and works under Board’s coordination.

Activity 2013

Between Nov 21st and Dec 22nd 2013 the Christmas promotional loans with reduced interest rates has been promoted. The members manifested great interest towards our offer, being granted 131 loans in total amount of 234.700 lei (52.200 EUR).

In 2013 the loan for holydays with low interest rates for up to 12 months was promoted. This type of loans allow members the possibility to acquire tickets for their holydays at lower costs.

The maximum value of burial aid granted in case of members’ decease has been raised to 1600 lei (356 EUR). There is an aid granted to members in case of their spouses’ decease. Its amount is half the aid payable in case of member’s decease. 


The types of loans granted are:

  • Traditional

  • Optional (diversified) on short term – 1 to 4 weeks

  • Optional (diversified) on medium or long term

  • For capitalization

All types of loans are granted in optimal time, according to solicitor’s needs. Credit union’s own capital together with members’ funds and financing from UTCAR’s liquidity fund, allowed the diversification of loan offer. New types of loans are:

  • Loans for capitalization for rapid growth of solicitor’s share account

  • Completion loans or supplemental

  • Excellency loans

  • Loans for short and very short period

Lately, loans with values of up to members’ share accounts became more and more popular, mainly due to the lack of endorsements.

In case of a member’s decease, his/her descendants are entitled to a non-refundable burial aid of up to 1500 lei. This service is available for all members for a monthly contribution of 2 lei.

The highly qualified staff offers permanent financial counseling to the members, being able to offer the best, financially efficent services individually analysing each situation. Their training and experience is an asset for both the institution and the members.
The financial counseling is highly appreciated, since it offers acces to all the members to the best solutions for their credit necessities.


C.A.R.Unirea Simeria I.F.N. Headquarters

  • Simeria, str.1 Decembrie, bl.A1, parter
  • Phone: 0254-260403
  • e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,
  • Business hours : Monday-Friday 7-17
  •                                 Saturday            9-12

Simeria Agency

  • str. Victoriei, nr.11
  • Phone: 0254-260340
  • Business hours : Monday-Friday  7-16


Giarmata Agency

  • str.Batrana, nr.231, jud.Timis
  • Phone: 0256211423
  • Business hours : Monday-Friday 8-16,
  •                                 Saturday            7-11

Ortisoara Agency

  • str.Principala, nr.266 jud.Timis
  • Phone: 0256-211897
  • Business hours : Monday-Friday 8-16
  •                                 Saturday           7-11 




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Sediul CAR Unirea Simeria IFN/Headquarters
Casieria/Pay Office
Agentia Ortisoara/Ortisoara Agency

Economic indicators at 2015-12-31







Number of members





Social fund



8370 mii lei


Loans granted (amount)



6944 mii lei


Productive assets



10282 mii lei


Number of employees






    CAR Unirea Simeria IFN
     Str. 1 Decembrie, Bl. A1, parter
     335900Simeria , Hunedoara 

     tel./fax 0254-260403      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,      

Presedinte/President - Handrache Petronia
Dir.econ./CFO     - ec.Anton Marcela

Agentii/Agencies: Simeria, Giarmata, Ortisoara